CBD is one of the most in-demand yet misunderstood natural supplement in the planet today. The funny thing is we are not actually new to it since thousands, if not millions, have already been using marijuana in previous decades. But the marijuana that we used to know has a nasty reputation of being addictive and messes one’s mind because of its psychoactive properties that it has given the controversial weed a bad name and a stigma that it is still trying to break out of until today. Well, it is mainly THC’s fault why cannabis in the past was frowned upon by the general public. Well, it is not like THC is bad in itself but it is safe to say that too much THC can definitely change the way your mind works. CBD, on the other hand, offers the same cannabis benefits as THC but won’t leave you hooked to it for the long haul or suffer from psychoactive side effects that can mess with one’s mind. Fortunately, there has already been countless studies research and studies conducted on CBD that has shed light on most mysteries involving CBD or more popularly known as medical cannabis or medical marijuana.

CBD has been discovered to be really handy in addressing certain health conditions that are known to be chronic in nature and dangerous for human health. It can not only relieve you of many painful and bothersome symptoms but even allow you to live longer quality lives despite a dreadful and traumatic medical diagnosis. By now, you have likely read or heard about countless news regarding medical cannabis or even CBD oil to be exact but the most important on your mind right now is to know how long does CBD work. Yes, you are already sold on CBD oil and want to give it a try but this question still lingers in your mind.

CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the many components found in the cannabis plant. The extracts are taken and sold in various medicinal preparations so that humans can benefit from these external ECS sources and hopefully improve certain body processes and functions. The hemp plant contains about 1.2% CBD content in its dried form. When you extract 200 grams of the dried flowers of this plant, you’d end up with 2.4 gram of real CBD. In general, CBD content ranges from 1-3% depending on the quality of the marijuana plant breed where it is taken from.

How long does CBD work?

One must take into consideration various factors and consideration when determining how potent and how long does CBD work. Moreover, the pre-existing condition you have and the symptoms you manifest also affect the onset of CBD action and how long its effects last. Here are the factors to watch out for that have an impact on the duration of CBD action that brings about its therapeutic benefits:
• Your medical condition
• CBD product type
• Delivery method
• CBD concentration
• CBD dosage

Delivery Method

There are four common methods in taking CBD. These are the following:
• Oral consumption
• Vaping
• Sublingual
• Topical application

Oral Consumption/ Edibles

This is perhaps the easiest and most convenient way of taking CBD because it is the same like any other supplement or drug out there aside from being the most exciting too with the wide range of edibles and other oral preparations to choose from. Even your pets can join in on the fun too. From oral supplements to gummies, chocolates, candies, cookies and CBD-infused beverages, the list is long and you’d certainly find your ultimate favorite.
Effects may take longer and the amount you consumed and the last time you took one can also impact the CBD duration. For best results, consume CBD on an empty stomach for faster absorption into the bloodstream. Obviously, the slowest to take effect, CBD taken orally can take roughly 20 minutes to 1-2 hours for you to get the results you wanted.


Unlike the oral method, vaping is the fastest way to get some CBD into your system. You can use either a vaporizer or a vape pen on a set dose to safely consume CBD that your body desperately needs. Since the CBD gets into the bloodstream the fastest, its effects do not last long too. CBD vape oil is best used for this method as its impact can be felt hours later.


Next to vaporizing, the sublingual method is the second fastest delivery method to get your daily dose of CBD. You only need to wait several minutes for the CBD effect to be felt by your body as long as you can tolerate its taste. When we say taking CBD sublingually, it simply means you drop several drops of CBD oil underneath your tongue and allowing it to stay there for a few more minutes before finally swallowing it. While the taste may be an issue to some, the sublingual method happens to be the 2nd most popular method of consuming CBD oil, to be exact. Whether you let it sit underneath your tongue or take it as a spray, the CBD effects can be felt 20-40 minutes after and enjoy its therapeutic effects for the next 4 to 6 hours.

Topical Application

Since not all conditions need to be treated from the inside out, it is handy to have this option to deliver CBD. It can come in handy if you are suffering from certain body pains and aches that require relief to be applied topically. You can choose from a CBD balm, cream, or lotion for all those superficial skin problems that can benefit from CBD simply by rubbing some of the topical ointment onto the skin. If you are also worried about getting wrinkles or other aging issues, CBD applied topically can help prevent radical skin damage such as in conditions like acne and eczema. On the average, it takes about an hour for the effects to be felt, which is why topical CBD application is the slowest delivery method to kick into action. Despite that, having its effect last for the following five hours make up for its relatively slow start.

Ask your doctor the right dosage especially suited for you and determine the best method that suits you best with all factors taken into consideration, so you can finally benefit from all the healthy goodness CBD promises and can bring. Best of all, CBD is generally safe from side effects so you don’t have to worry about exacerbating any symptoms while at the same time finally experiencing relief from the health issues you have been battling for a while.